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School is now closed for the Summer Holidays. We re-open on Wednesday 6th September 2017.

Laying the Foundations for Children to Thrive

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Grosvenor Road Primary School | Parkgate Drive | Swinton | Manchester | M27 5LN

Grosvenor Road Primary School


Use the drop down menu below to see all the names of Grosvenor Road staff. Select a name to see their faces!

Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

  • Mr J L Pridden

Deputy Headteacher

  • Mr J Howard

Assistant Headteacher (SENCO)

  • Mrs E Johns

School Business Manager

  • Mrs M Hargreaves

School Clerks

  • Mrs L Jones
  • Mrs K Salt

Learning Mentor

  • Mrs S Abbotts

EYFS Leader

  • Miss R Clague

KS1 Leader

  • Mrs C Heys

Lower KS2 Leader

  • Miss L Norris

Upper KS2 Leader

  • Mr J Donnelly

Nursery Teachers

  • Miss R Weights
  • Mrs A Tinkler

Reception Teachers

  • Miss C Cronin
  • Mrs V Moran
  • Miss R Clague

Year 1 Teachers

  • Mrs J Cook
  • Miss J Ormandy
  • Mrs G Bramer
  • Miss H Fereday

Year 2 Teachers

  • Miss S Boardman
  • Mrs H Lomas
  • Mrs T Heys

Year 3 Teachers

  • Miss M Steele
  • Miss H Taylor

Year 4 Teachers

  • Miss M Wood
  • Miss L Norris

Year 5 Teachers

  • Miss K Walker
  • Miss I Sutton

Year 6 Teachers

  • Mr L Cronin
  • Mr J Donnelly
  • Mrs E Johns