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Grosvenor Road Primary School

School Council

2016 - 2017


Congratulations to our newly elected counsellors:

  • Amelia Sexton and Nathan Yates
  • Jake Arnold and Grace Walker
  • Madeleine Brown and David Oludoyi
  • Tador Angelov and Summer Warner

Serving in 2016 we also have the following Deputy Counsellors:

Mohana, Joel, Phoebe, Teniola and Ethan.


The school council has setup a raffle to celebrate the school's Roald Dahl week - more information here on our blog: CLICK HERE.

They have also written to Mr Pridden on behalf of Upper Key Stage 2 about further ideas for improving the UKS2 yard.


In September the school council will be subject to some 'boundary changes'. As school has got larger the council has decided it needs to reduce the number of representatives to ensure that it can run as efficiently as possible. From September Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be represented by a female and male councillor. Each child will have two votes to elect their representatives. All children have the opportunity to prepare and deliver a short speech before the election takes place.

If you think you'd like the job check out the role below:

2015 - 2016

In 2015 to 2016 the school council focused on 4 key areas. These were:

  1. To make the school more environmentally friendly.
  2. To continue to look at how marking accelerates learning
  3. To improve the provision of active and quiet spaces at lunchtimes
  4. To improve the environment within the main building

For further information on these activities check out our action plan on the download below.

You can see the impact of our work across school. Some of our achievements in 2015 and 2016 include:

  1. New paper recycling bins in Years 5 and 6.
  2. Play equipment such as the Key Stage 1 trim trail and the giant climbing frame in Upper Key Stage 2. Reception and Nursery also have new giant outdoor resources. You can see Reception playing on the equipment here: School Council Blog link
  3. Quiet zones have been built in both Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 playgrounds. At lunchtime a group of children can always be found reading books from the outdoor libraries in these spaces.
  4. School has a new marking policy from September 2016.

Last year's school councillors can be seen on the school's blog here:

School Council July 2016

We wish next year's councillors all the best - who knows we might even get reelected!