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Year 2 Maths Challenge Competition

Year 2 Maths Challenge Competition

Monday 12th March 2018

On Friday 9th March, eight of our Year 2 children went to Peel Hall Primary School to take part in a Maths Challenge, competing against other schools. The session started with a quick introductory game where each child was given a card with a maths question on it. Whilst walking around the room, the children had to find a partner and in turn ask and answer the questions on each other’s cards. If they got the right answer they could swap cards, then go and choose a different partner.

Now that the children were all feeling a little more relaxed, they got back into their school teams to begin the challenge. The children were slightly apprehensive when they were each given a personalised ‘interactive pod’ to use. It was the size of a calculator with a screen and keypad. After being given a quick demonstration, the countdown began with the children working individually at their own pace to answer as many addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions as they could in a given time. Their faces were glued to the screens of their pods as a question would appear which they then answered using the keypad. Once the challenge had finished, the children’s scores were collated ready to be added to the final score at the end of round 2. The children described the pods as ‘awesome’ and ‘epic’!

After all that, the children needed to give their brains a rest, so they were given a drink, crisps and cereal bar.

Time to battle on in round 2! This was a team quiz game using IPads called ‘Kahoot’. Each school was given two iPads and asked to choose a team name for their school. We were the ‘Number Crunchers’. In this game, the children in each team took it in turns to control the iPads to answer questions on fractions. The teacher displayed the question on the class whiteboard along with 4 possible answers. These answers appeared on the iPads and as a team the children had to work out and choose the correct answer.

At the end of the round 2, the number of questions answered correctly by each school was counted and added to the collective scores from round 1. It was a nervous wait as the results were counted and verified! Finally it was announced – ‘The school in second place is…Grosvenor Road.’ The result was very close and we only just missed out on first place and winning the trophy.

It was a fantastic morning and the children’s attitude and learning behaviour was excellent as well as their maths knowledge and skills. After seeing the potential this latest technology and software has to offer and listening to the children’s feedback of using it, we are now in the process of purchasing class sets of pods for our school.

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